Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday TV Recap

This pretty much sums up what I think of the last night's American Idol Auditions:

Really Fox? Can we just cut to the chase and get rid of all these weeks of talentless hacks? I absolutely loved the girl that they made leave and come back. Now SHE is a natural talent. I can't wait to see how she does. Her version of "Bubbly" was as whimsy and free as the original - Bravo. Now, can we please just get to Hollywood week?

And, I'm a day late, but let's talk about "The Bachelor." I have to admit, I had it on the DVR and fast-forwarded most of the episode. I think this week should have been titled, "Could everything in this episode BE more awkward?" Let's start with the General Hospital group date...and everyone getting to witness everyone else making out with Jason. For starters, when you really want to kiss someone, as Melissa pointed out, IT'S NOT ACTING! And Megan basically mauled the poor guy...yuck!
Later that night included just about every girl breaking down into tears. I hear if you portray yourself as an emotional mess, guys love it!
Next up, the awkward ballroom dancing dance-off between Stephanie and Nikki. It was like Sandy and Cha-Cha fighting over Danny in "Grease" - just a little more sophisticated. I couldn't believe Jason picked Stephanie over Nikki. Not that there was a romantic connection with either girl, but Stephanie obviously got the rose because she's a fellow parent.

Then, not the "most dramatic rose ceremony ever," as I hear that's next week, but when it came down to it, Jason sent 3 ladies packing. Nice work. We are finally getting somewhere! But, I have to wonder how ABC dealt with this in terms of the episode scheduling...Can't you just hear the producers?..."What?!? Oh great! Now we are going to have to come up with another spinoff week to fill space! What do you think we should call it? "
Before the Final Rose?
Actually, Jason's Not Going To Pick Anyone?
The Last Stand: DeAnna vs. the Remaining 5?
I just can't believe this was a spur of the moment decision. In any event, let's summarize the lady's that were kicked to the curb:
First up to be denied a rose, Megan. Sorry, Megan. You're just plain mean and that's the bottom line. I thought she might be one of those psycho ones that tries to comeback and convince Jason to give her another shot.
Next up Lauren. Hey Lauren, just a little girl to girl advice, if you tell a guy that if you don't get something, "you're gonna be pissed," you can pretty much bet your pretty blue peepers that he's a goner - No one likes ultimatums. Especially a guy who has atleast 5 other girls to choose from.
And last but not least, poor Shannon. Time to set your stalker radar on someone else. Have a nice day.

I can't wait until they bring back DeAnna. And, I'm sticking with my original prediction of Jillian, although she was not a big player in this last episode. But, Melissa and Molly continue to keep gaining ground. If they are the final three, it's gonna be a doo-zie!
Hope you all are keeping cozy and warm and enjoying primetime as much as I am right now. I hear "Ugly Betty" is teetering on being moved to another night - ratings aren't so good. I've looked at the schedule to see if there's anything new that I should try...any suggestions?

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