Thursday, January 1, 2009

Painting, Painting and more painting...

In a past career (about three years ago), I was a faux painter.  I really enjoyed it, but I was alone a lot of the time and I am a very social kind of person.  So, periodically, I get someone who is interested in having some work done or a repeat customer who want to do another room, or even someone who just mentions in passing that they'd like to "have some of that fancy painting stuff done."  Well, that, is just what I love to do.  Before Christmas, I took a job that was two hallways and a master bath.  The owner said she wanted it to feel "spa-like" - it was previously painted dark green.  So we changed it to this:

They loved it and I had some Christmas money to spend...hence, the Nikon D60 (which STILL rocks!)
Hope you are all having a great beginning to 2009 - I can't believe 2008 has come and gone.

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