Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Black Apple/Martha Stewart Dolls

Here's the beginning of The BlackApple Doll project that I saw on The Martha Stewart show about six months ago. It may be a little hard to envision, but this is the front of the doll and the hair, made of felt, is hand-stitched on. What's so great about this little project is that each doll turns out like a one-of-a-kind homemade creation and you can be so thrifty when you make them.

I actually found everything I needed to make these little darlings in one of my favorite spots at Jo-Ann Fabrics - THE REMNANT BIN! Here is a video tutorial, pattern and instructions if you want to try this little craft out. And, you can get really artsy with these by adding ruffles and embellishments to them. Plus, since the face is drawn on with marker, there are no buttons to chew off or any of that jazz.
I'll post a pic when they are done!
Have a good day!

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