Monday, January 19, 2009

Moody Monday Morning

I'm labeling this post "moody Monday morning," because this is a pet peeve of mine. Ok peeps, let's review:
This, is a red light.

It means "STOP!" It means that there's probably going to be someone else coming through the intersection at anytime. It does NOT mean, "I know you've been on the road for a half hour and hit the last four red lights, so it's okay to blow this one," or "You, in the fancy-schmanzy million-dollar car, are excluded from all road rules and signals, including this red light. Go on through." I know, it's difficult to talk on your cell phone, adjust the DVD player for the kids in the back and balance the mug of steaming hot coffee from the McDonald's drive-thru all at once, but for gosh sakes, you ARE driving. Pay attention! Gunning it through an intersection could possibly KILL someone!
Maybe it's the complete lack of courtesy this shows for other drivers on the road. And, I understand that everyone, now and then, thinks they can make it through before the light changes from yellow to red. This is understandable - I am guilty of this. But, there are drivers who dart in and out of traffic and manuever like they've got their head up you-know-where and then proceed to fly through a red intersection. What is their deal?!?!?!?!
I'm so annoyed. Hope you are having a better start to your week than I am.

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Amen! Sounds like pregnancy is making your mood as bright as mine! Yippee! At least we have an excuse, right? :)