Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday TV Recap

This pretty much sums up what I think of the last night's American Idol Auditions:

Really Fox? Can we just cut to the chase and get rid of all these weeks of talentless hacks? I absolutely loved the girl that they made leave and come back. Now SHE is a natural talent. I can't wait to see how she does. Her version of "Bubbly" was as whimsy and free as the original - Bravo. Now, can we please just get to Hollywood week?

And, I'm a day late, but let's talk about "The Bachelor." I have to admit, I had it on the DVR and fast-forwarded most of the episode. I think this week should have been titled, "Could everything in this episode BE more awkward?" Let's start with the General Hospital group date...and everyone getting to witness everyone else making out with Jason. For starters, when you really want to kiss someone, as Melissa pointed out, IT'S NOT ACTING! And Megan basically mauled the poor guy...yuck!
Later that night included just about every girl breaking down into tears. I hear if you portray yourself as an emotional mess, guys love it!
Next up, the awkward ballroom dancing dance-off between Stephanie and Nikki. It was like Sandy and Cha-Cha fighting over Danny in "Grease" - just a little more sophisticated. I couldn't believe Jason picked Stephanie over Nikki. Not that there was a romantic connection with either girl, but Stephanie obviously got the rose because she's a fellow parent.

Then, not the "most dramatic rose ceremony ever," as I hear that's next week, but when it came down to it, Jason sent 3 ladies packing. Nice work. We are finally getting somewhere! But, I have to wonder how ABC dealt with this in terms of the episode scheduling...Can't you just hear the producers?..."What?!? Oh great! Now we are going to have to come up with another spinoff week to fill space! What do you think we should call it? "
Before the Final Rose?
Actually, Jason's Not Going To Pick Anyone?
The Last Stand: DeAnna vs. the Remaining 5?
I just can't believe this was a spur of the moment decision. In any event, let's summarize the lady's that were kicked to the curb:
First up to be denied a rose, Megan. Sorry, Megan. You're just plain mean and that's the bottom line. I thought she might be one of those psycho ones that tries to comeback and convince Jason to give her another shot.
Next up Lauren. Hey Lauren, just a little girl to girl advice, if you tell a guy that if you don't get something, "you're gonna be pissed," you can pretty much bet your pretty blue peepers that he's a goner - No one likes ultimatums. Especially a guy who has atleast 5 other girls to choose from.
And last but not least, poor Shannon. Time to set your stalker radar on someone else. Have a nice day.

I can't wait until they bring back DeAnna. And, I'm sticking with my original prediction of Jillian, although she was not a big player in this last episode. But, Melissa and Molly continue to keep gaining ground. If they are the final three, it's gonna be a doo-zie!
Hope you all are keeping cozy and warm and enjoying primetime as much as I am right now. I hear "Ugly Betty" is teetering on being moved to another night - ratings aren't so good. I've looked at the schedule to see if there's anything new that I should try...any suggestions?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

This was yesterday's sunrise. The high yesterday was about 30 degrees. Today, we'll be lucky to make a high of 10 - I will NOT be taking any outdoor photos today.

Minus 15 Teeth...

Poor little Roscoe. Last week he had 15 teeth removed. Needless to say, he wasn't feeling too hot. He snuggled up on the couch for a couple of days. But he's feeling much better now.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last Night's Idol

Pretty good dawg - but I have 2 comments:

1. Simon, you are going to let Bikini Girl pass with flying colors but debate on the guy who may/may not be too "theatrical" sounding? He's in the cast of "Wicked" for gosh sakes!
2. Out of all those people, only 12 go to Hollywood? Oh my. That must have been a long day...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday far.

Today, I watched a historic event on television. Barack Obama was sworn in as the new President of The United States. It is monumental for our country. A symbol of great strides in equality. And, I have no expectations for him as a leader. Change. That's what I think this country is getting. Good or bad, we'll have to wait and see, I think. CNN said today that the average American is giving him 2 years to make something happen. I think he will fall victim to criticism far before that time. Good luck, Mr. O. You'll need it.

Love this pic from Vanity Fair - as Lincoln and Kennedy (I think!) supervise his work. Your days of taking it easy with your feet up on the desk are over, my friend. Time to try and clean up this mess of a country.

Onto more important things (JUST KIDDING!) - The Bachelor was on last night. My first comment is: Really. How many 2 hour episodes can we watch before we want to toss the tv out the window? Especially when it is getting pretty painful with all the claws coming out. Natalie deserved to go. Her reaction to dismissal was so reflective of what married life would be like with her - throw a tantrum, why don't you?! "Whatever!" (Those are her words, not mine.)
Okay, I think the charity thing was really cool. But, I would never feel comfortable making a "bust" of myself with some guy I barely know (no pun intended!) and ON TELEVISION FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY TO SEE! Let's get real. It's basically being naked.
Shannon got the sympathy rose - I think she's definitely next to go with all these dramatic crying bouts. The poor girl is an emotional mess.
As I've stated before, Jason is about a 7 on my scale (and the way he's checking out all the chests on these girls is not helping my opinion of him. But, I guess if they put them out there - AHEM!, then what's a guy to do?). But, I'm feeling sorry for this poor guy with all the drama going on.

Jason, let me help. I will spare you about 3 weeks of painful 2 hour episodes and pick you a winner:
Jillian. Although Melissa (the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader) is some stiff competition. I'm glad Erica is gone - now kick Megan to the curb and lose that DRAMA!
And really, how could you really have a conversation with someone and a moment where you "feel a connection" like this?

No wonder the show hasn't had much success.
Have a great inaugural Tuesday!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Moody Monday Morning

I'm labeling this post "moody Monday morning," because this is a pet peeve of mine. Ok peeps, let's review:
This, is a red light.

It means "STOP!" It means that there's probably going to be someone else coming through the intersection at anytime. It does NOT mean, "I know you've been on the road for a half hour and hit the last four red lights, so it's okay to blow this one," or "You, in the fancy-schmanzy million-dollar car, are excluded from all road rules and signals, including this red light. Go on through." I know, it's difficult to talk on your cell phone, adjust the DVD player for the kids in the back and balance the mug of steaming hot coffee from the McDonald's drive-thru all at once, but for gosh sakes, you ARE driving. Pay attention! Gunning it through an intersection could possibly KILL someone!
Maybe it's the complete lack of courtesy this shows for other drivers on the road. And, I understand that everyone, now and then, thinks they can make it through before the light changes from yellow to red. This is understandable - I am guilty of this. But, there are drivers who dart in and out of traffic and manuever like they've got their head up you-know-where and then proceed to fly through a red intersection. What is their deal?!?!?!?!
I'm so annoyed. Hope you are having a better start to your week than I am.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Black Apple/Martha Stewart Dolls

Here's the beginning of The BlackApple Doll project that I saw on The Martha Stewart show about six months ago. It may be a little hard to envision, but this is the front of the doll and the hair, made of felt, is hand-stitched on. What's so great about this little project is that each doll turns out like a one-of-a-kind homemade creation and you can be so thrifty when you make them.

I actually found everything I needed to make these little darlings in one of my favorite spots at Jo-Ann Fabrics - THE REMNANT BIN! Here is a video tutorial, pattern and instructions if you want to try this little craft out. And, you can get really artsy with these by adding ruffles and embellishments to them. Plus, since the face is drawn on with marker, there are no buttons to chew off or any of that jazz.
I'll post a pic when they are done!
Have a good day!


I love snow days.  Carson was actually feeling under the weather today (even though he INSISTED on snowblowing the sidewalk and driveway!) It is such a great opportunity to kick back and relax - wait, I mean, get home projects done.  I am busy fluffy my nest and doing what I really love - COOKING!
So - after posting about how good the Muffin Glory Coffee Cake is, I couldn't resist.  I had everything I needed so I whipped it up - And proceeded to have 1/2 of the 8x8 pan.  So good!

And, have you ever tried one of these?

This one might be my favorite.  The recipe is on the back and it makes for a really great dinner - for just your family or for a crowd.
Here's what you'll need and what to do:
3 lb Boneless Pork Roast (I have used one with a bone also - it worked just fine.)
Place in crockpot.
1/2 c ketchup
1/2 c brown sugar
1/3 c cider vinegar
Seasoning Packet
Pour over the roast and put the lid on.  Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours.  I did this today with a roast that was frozen.  I put it in at 11 am on high and we ate around 6 pm.   It was delicious!

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful!!!!

Ho-hum.  Winter in Illinois.  This is what we had to wake up to this morning.  About 6 inches of snow overnight and a forecast of -30 for windchill tomorrow.
Which means I have to go out and shovel a potty spot for this boy and the curly girl.

And, this is what our front walk and stoop looked like about an hour after I shoveled...
And, it's still coming down.  Looks like a great day to read up on how to use the D60 (still learning), make some yummy Muffin Glory Coffee Cake and make some easy-peasy dolls that I saw on Martha Stewart a few months back.  I'll post the final project - 
Stay cozy and warm!


I just can't help myself....I hardly ever get out of the grocery store without one of those little booklets filled with recipes.  And, every once in a while, you strike gold.  Here is a recipe that is so good and so easy - courtesy of Betty Crocker.  
Find the recipe here.
I make it anytime I am having guests for breakfast or need to take something like this for the office.  It does have a few things in it that people tend to not like sometimes (coconut, or nut allergy).   They can easily be omitted, BUT - it's that kind of stuff that makes it really yummy!
And, I usually make a white icing (powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, dash of salt) to go over it after it has cooled.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh yes - American Idol is Back!

TV Time!
It's back! I cannot wait for tonight's premiere of American Idol. I hear they've planned to air not as many auditions this season - Thank God! You've seen one talentless hack, you've seen them all! And, there's a fourth judge this year. Apparently the loopy antics of Paula, the tactless insults of Simon and the overuse of the word "DOG" by Randy weren't enough - Throw one more into the mix. It will be interesting that's for sure!

Oh Carrie and Chris, will there be a star like you among the season 8 AI contestants?
In Bachelor News:

I watched last night's 2 hour episode. A little boring. I can't say Jason is someone I find attractive - it's something about his mannerisms that's registers on my "gaydar." Just not a real manly guy. Not that a little sensitivity isn't needed, but he's a little over the top for me. I'm getting tired of the "can I steal Jason away?" act. I know it's a dating show and there's a lot that goes on that we don't see, but there are girls that he picks that were hardly shown with him. Erica is one of these girls...and the constant bickering and fighting with Megan is just caddy. Front runners are definitely Jillian and Melissa. I think next week is going to be even worse and the girls tell Jason things that "he must know" about the other girls - but can I add that this happens IN FRONT OF EVERYONE? Nothing like creating more drama ABC...As if the dreaded return of DeAnna wasn't enough. I have to add that I saw Jason on Ellen the other day and I think he may have made a little slip up alluding to the fact he may be with DeAnna. Hmmm. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Bret - Can we talk?

I give the guy credit. I mean, he basically has resuscitated his dying (correction, DEAD) career. But the perpetual bandanna and "guyliner" has got to go. If you have a hair problem, which doesn't appear that you do - get some plugs done Ala Matthew McConaughey - there's no shame. And, the makeup - well, makeup is for GIRLS (case in point, the horrible selection of women who appear on your newest show...) And, while we're on the subject of your new show, "Bus of Love or Rock or Posterchildren for the CDC (whatever!)" - It's getting to the point where this is not suitable for television, even by today's standards. Let's face it, if you are in a public place, and are embarrassed to be watching, there's a problem. I know you're a rocker, but really, have you no shame? What a complete train wreck.
Planning to post a really great recipe tomorrow - Like the best coffee cake I've had. Ever. Stay tuned!
That's my 2 cents! Have a great day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Greeting Card Extravaganza #2!

More cards that were given as a stationary set at Christmas. I got most of the materials at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Archiver's. They make really nice personalized gifts for someone who loves to write notes and send cards.

Greeting Card Extravaganza!

Here are a few greeting cards I made over the holiday season as a stationary gift. There were about 25 total. I'll post more later!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Word for 2009

This is my word for 2009:

What inspired this is the Tip Junkie Blog. The other day, when I was at the gym, I saw one of those commercials about the children in Africa that are dealing with the AIDS epidemic. In the commerical, they told a story of a little boy, only 12 years old, who had just lost his mother and father to AIDS and was left to take care of four younger brothers. It showed two of the youngest brothers stooped next to the very small food bowls taking turns getting bites of food. While the 12 year old brother went without food so that the others could eat. The tears rolled down his cheeks as he thought of a mother and father he'd just lost. At 12 years old, he was now the head of the house.
I literally fought back the tears while I was ON THE TREADMILL. There are many, many times I take the things I have in life for granted. There are many people in this country that have lost a job or a house because of financial hardship. I have never been hungry because there was no food to eat or cold because I didn't have a nice warm bed to sleep in. My husband and I both have well-paying jobs and drive cars that are new enough to never need fixing. I am so very fortunate and I hope that I am constantly reminded of this throughout 2009.
Wishing you a blessed and fortunate 2009.

Does This Put You in A Bad Mood?

Well, it's done. Yesterday, we took down our glorious, brand new to us Christmas tree. Bah-Humbug! Does this put anyone else in a terrible mood? Could be due to the fact that Carson and I worked on this, dare I say, TOGETHER! This was a result of the fact that putting this monstrous tree up took about 3 hours (no joke.) So, we decided to put all matching branches in garbage bags that were labeled with the color code. All the branches are color-coded, kind of. This was part of the original problem because the color had worn off many of the branches from use over the years. Geeezzz-Louise! We got it all down in about an hour.
But, I also think that it is the undeniable symbol that Christmastime is not here - in fact, it's over.
Chins up! Only 360 days to go until next Christmas!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Painting, Painting and more painting...

In a past career (about three years ago), I was a faux painter.  I really enjoyed it, but I was alone a lot of the time and I am a very social kind of person.  So, periodically, I get someone who is interested in having some work done or a repeat customer who want to do another room, or even someone who just mentions in passing that they'd like to "have some of that fancy painting stuff done."  Well, that, is just what I love to do.  Before Christmas, I took a job that was two hallways and a master bath.  The owner said she wanted it to feel "spa-like" - it was previously painted dark green.  So we changed it to this:

They loved it and I had some Christmas money to spend...hence, the Nikon D60 (which STILL rocks!)
Hope you are all having a great beginning to 2009 - I can't believe 2008 has come and gone.