Monday, January 5, 2009

Does This Put You in A Bad Mood?

Well, it's done. Yesterday, we took down our glorious, brand new to us Christmas tree. Bah-Humbug! Does this put anyone else in a terrible mood? Could be due to the fact that Carson and I worked on this, dare I say, TOGETHER! This was a result of the fact that putting this monstrous tree up took about 3 hours (no joke.) So, we decided to put all matching branches in garbage bags that were labeled with the color code. All the branches are color-coded, kind of. This was part of the original problem because the color had worn off many of the branches from use over the years. Geeezzz-Louise! We got it all down in about an hour.
But, I also think that it is the undeniable symbol that Christmastime is not here - in fact, it's over.
Chins up! Only 360 days to go until next Christmas!

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