Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Recap...so far.

Today, I watched a historic event on television. Barack Obama was sworn in as the new President of The United States. It is monumental for our country. A symbol of great strides in equality. And, I have no expectations for him as a leader. Change. That's what I think this country is getting. Good or bad, we'll have to wait and see, I think. CNN said today that the average American is giving him 2 years to make something happen. I think he will fall victim to criticism far before that time. Good luck, Mr. O. You'll need it.

Love this pic from Vanity Fair - as Lincoln and Kennedy (I think!) supervise his work. Your days of taking it easy with your feet up on the desk are over, my friend. Time to try and clean up this mess of a country.

Onto more important things (JUST KIDDING!) - The Bachelor was on last night. My first comment is: Really. How many 2 hour episodes can we watch before we want to toss the tv out the window? Especially when it is getting pretty painful with all the claws coming out. Natalie deserved to go. Her reaction to dismissal was so reflective of what married life would be like with her - throw a tantrum, why don't you?! "Whatever!" (Those are her words, not mine.)
Okay, I think the charity thing was really cool. But, I would never feel comfortable making a "bust" of myself with some guy I barely know (no pun intended!) and ON TELEVISION FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY TO SEE! Let's get real. It's basically being naked.
Shannon got the sympathy rose - I think she's definitely next to go with all these dramatic crying bouts. The poor girl is an emotional mess.
As I've stated before, Jason is about a 7 on my scale (and the way he's checking out all the chests on these girls is not helping my opinion of him. But, I guess if they put them out there - AHEM!, then what's a guy to do?). But, I'm feeling sorry for this poor guy with all the drama going on.

Jason, let me help. I will spare you about 3 weeks of painful 2 hour episodes and pick you a winner:
Jillian. Although Melissa (the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader) is some stiff competition. I'm glad Erica is gone - now kick Megan to the curb and lose that DRAMA!
And really, how could you really have a conversation with someone and a moment where you "feel a connection" like this?

No wonder the show hasn't had much success.
Have a great inaugural Tuesday!

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