Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Closer...

I finished the 2nd coming home outfit for the girls.  It is the same patterned fabric, just in a different color scheme.

I have also made them headbands to go with each of their outfits.
I can't believe that I really have everything done that I wanted to get accomplished before they arrived.  I am feeling prepared...that is, until they get here.
On the other hand, there is someone else who is not so thrilled about the addition to the family:

Cricket is having a really hard time believing that this whole thing isn't about her.  Every time I open the door to the nursery, she jumps in the recliner.  Overall, I think the doggies will do just fine with the twins.  They will have plenty of time to get used to the strange new bundles causing all the noise before the girls are mobile and can start terrorizing our four-legged family members.
Errands to run today!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Squeezing in Some Last Jewelry Projects

Before we got lucky with the baby project, I started my business, Charmed Life Jewelry.  I am still doing a few projects for people here and there.  After all, hand-stamping jewelry doesn't require much physically.  So, it's been easy to do a few pieces, and I do enjoy it.
I finally finished two different necklaces and will be delivering them today.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two By Two

Two by two, the animals are showing up in the nursery - well, at least the giraffes are here!  These little creations were sewn by one of my aunts for the girls.  I can't imagine the time that it took to make these little critters.  I can hardly sew a flat piece of fabric to a sheet!

The appliqued circles are the same fabrics from the quilt that my mom made for the twins.

My aunt commented on how she thought the giraffes were a little cross-eyed because the eyes were put on before the head was stuffed - but I love them just the same.  They are adorable.

One has a blue/green tail and mane made from embroidery floss and the other has a pink tail and mane.

Lots of work went into these...now, when will the twins arrive?!?!?!?
Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Guess How Much WE Love You!

When I think about all the preparations that have gone into getting ready for the girls, it makes my mind spin.  Not that we will ever really be "ready," but it just to get the ball rolling took an act of God...literally.
And, there have been so many projects that have been handmade for them - and not just by me.  I will never be able to tell them how much they are loved.  Even before they arrived.
The most recent addition to the nursery was a toy/storage cubby that my dad built.  After he finished the ladder shelf, he started on the storage cubby.  I wasn't really sure where I would be putting it because when there are two cribs in a regular size bedroom, they take up the majority of the space.  But, as it turns out (and as I'm discovering) two babies require A LOT OF STUFF!  So, we cleared some room in the closet and since their tiny little clothes only hang down about a foot from the rod, we were able to scoot the cubby into the closet and use it for storage in there!

 It will be great for storing all sorts of things.  You can see that it's filling up fast, but the best thing is that it's just basically keep stuff out of the way and organized.  And, it also has adjustable shelves so that if I need more or less room, I can move the shelving accordingly!
Today, my goals are to finish the 2nd coming home onesie and work on the headbands for their pictures in the hospital.
Tomorrow, I will post another handmade project that is adorable!
Happy Friday!

Monday, October 1, 2012

33+ weeks...I think I can, I think I can!

I'm counting down the days until I hit 35 weeks...and that date is 10.11.12.  By then, the girls should be
about five pounds and I'm crossing my fingers that their lungs will be developed enough so that they don't have to spend much time (if any) in the NICU.  All of this reminds me of when my brother was born...I was only 6, so I really don't remember much detail about that time, but he was also born at 35 weeks.  And, he's pretty normal - from what I can tell, anyway!
I know it's best for the girls if I can hold out as long as possible, so I have been busying myself with small projects that help the days to pass.  This morning, I packed the my hospital bag.  Although, it's tough to plan what to pack because there are still plenty of things that are "unknown".
Things that still need to get done include putting together the 2nd bouncey seat and installing the carseats.
I have also been obsessing over newborn photos and what the girls will wear in their hospital photos.  This morning, I tried my hand at creating a onesie gown for the "going home" outfit.  Early on, I thought the idea of a special outfit for the day we bring the girls home was absolutely ridiculous.  I mean, really...who will see what they are wearing under the swaddling of the blankets they will inevitably be wrapped in?  However, it seems I've succumbed to the new mommy sickness of not being able to resist every cute baby item I lay my eyes on.  Pinterest and Etsy are not helping this.
So, I followed this super easy tutorial on the Banana Bear Blog and in a little more than an hour, I had this:

The tutorial is easy to follow if you have some basic sewing skills.  You hardly need more than a half yard of fabric, so it's a pretty inexpensive project compared to what you would pay for it already done.  I made a few changes to the project...I decided to skip the ribbon on the waist because I wasn't sure how it would look after it went through the wash.  The instructions also say to cut the onesie off where you sew the fabric on, but I decided to keep it intact.
And, the Amy Butler fabric obsession also continues...

Happy Monday!