Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poker Face

Tomorrow, I have a bridal shower to go to (it's not for my friend who is getting married on Saturday, it's for someone else.) Anywho, Carson has decided that since I will be gone, he wants to host a poker biggie. Except, even though I know that the guys won't notice and much less care if the house is spic-n-span, I can't help but clean.
Which brought me to thinking, I am working out of the home half as much as I used to, but why does it seem I just can't get it all done?
The dust bunnies are rolling like tumbleweeds, the laundry is in mountain-esque piles, and there are various other chores that are being neglected.
So, away I went scrubbing and endusting...and then I got to the bathrooms...which brings me to my next question. (And, I know you will all relate if you are a woman and you've ever cleaned a bathroom.) Why can't guys seem to get the pee IN THE TOILET? Now, I can't say that if I had to pee standing up, I would have perfect aim. But, I think I do pretty darn good in public restrooms and although I'm not fully standing, I am hovering.
Oh well. I hope I haven't offended any of you with my bathroom humor...
Have a great Friday. I'll see you all next week!
p.s. - Just a side note, I keep a very CLEAN house, even if it's a bit cluttered at times, and should have bought stock in Clorox Wipes.


Miranda said...

Girl girl girl, do NOT get me started on toilet cleaning! Drives me nuts that we don't lift the seat so we don't see what they see everyday! So I will ask how in the world can yall look at this and not want to clean it right away?? Joe's response: "I don't even notice it." Ugghhhh! LOL

DonnaMundinger said...

I won't even walk IN to David's bathroom until it's absolutely necessary and then only in full body protection! YUCK!!!! Just wait til AFTER poker night! I'd hire a cleaning lady for that one! xxD

Maria said...

You don't even know HOW many conversations we have had in our house about this, LOL!We have even had "in depth" conversations of how WOMEN pee on the seat in public bathrooms! YUCK! I feel your pain!

Lizzy said...

Girls, I could send mey Husband over to give lessons. I'm a lucky one here, not even a dribble in 10 years!!! ;)