Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Fest - A Success!

Well, I did it. I had a booth at my very first art/craft market. How did it go? Pretty well. I covered my expenses and made a little profit. But, that wasn't the rewarding part. I met a lot of really nice people and got to spend time with my mom. I also heard many nice comments from complete strangers on projects I had slaved over. That was the rewarding part.
We had great weather - mid 80's and sunny. Here are some pics of my booth:
The spooky tree was a big hit. It was a birch branch that I got from my front yard and painted black. How funny.
The crows also got a lot of comments...
And, of course, my $5 typewriter's keys were pressed more than once or twice. The older generations liked it because it reminded them of times gone by; the younger generations liked it because, well, it was fun to press the keys.

This was my hot product - the lapel/bag/hat/scarf pins. People LOVED them. I think I had a really good product for the demographic of shoppers. And, Ms. Brown, my dress form, was the perfect place for display. I sold all but 2!
Framed, Halloween-themed, burlap transfers...

I had a great time.
Happy Wednesday!


Maria said...

Isn't that the best??? When someone actually LIKES the projects you do--and to spend the time with your mom, gets NO better than that!
Maria :-)

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Oh that's fantastic and encouraging! I'm working on some things for a craft / vendor fair we're doing at my son's high school. Have never done one before. I love everything you had and how you had things displayed.

Miranda said...

Natalie!!! Looks like you have founds your calling! Your booth was just amazing and I am so happy for you! I just LOVED everything about it. All the details came together just perfectly. I have to come to your next show!