Friday, November 12, 2010

Back From Costa Rica!

We are back from Costa Rica. It was a great vacation. It felt a little remote, but the scenery was beautiful. We had 2 days of nice weather and 2 days of not so nice weather, but made the best of it.
It was really interesting to fly into the airport in Liberia and get out ON THE RUNWAY! The seriously pulled a staircase up to the side of the plane, and let us out. It was probably my one moment to act like a rockstar and wave to the crowd as I left the plane, but I missed the opportunity!
It took about 45 minutes to get from the airport to our hotel. We settled in, went to an event that night and the following day, we spent some time on the beach.
You might be saying, "Where are the pictures?!?!"
Well, watch this video, and then I'll explain:

Unfortunately, this is what happened when we climbed out onto the rocks to get a better look into the tide pools. I was getting ready to video some crabs crawling on the rocks and we were VERY unexpectedly hit by a VERY large wave. My Flip and my regular camera were completely soaked. My Flip survived, my regular camera didn't. I was just thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't carrying my Nikon! My mom was relieved that I didn't get swept into the ocean myself!

Just before this happened, we climbed the staircase to get a better look at the coastline.

Have a great weekend. I am going to be busy with the ECP holiday fest. If you are wondering how the first wedding went, you can view a slideshow from the wedding here.


Miranda said...

Ohhhhh man!! I was like...NOT HER NIKON!!! Thank goodness!! I bet you guys had a great time! I am missing your posts and cant wait to see some new stuff!

Miranda said...

Wow!! The wedding looked amazing!! So Unique! The pictures are just beautiful!!

bjmoore26 said...

What an exciting time!