Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

"The key to success is letting the relationship in your life grow to the highest levels they possibly can...not putting yourself first in life and remembering that the more you give away, the more you have" - Christopher Reeve
This is the way I'd like to remember Superman. His professional life and personal life were very much in parallel - he was a great humanitarian.

Let's talk Idol -
I do not like the new judging format...what's the use of having the opinions of four people if only two get to voice what they think? That's just plain silly.
I was so excited about the theme, but it ended up being a disappointment. What's with all these sappy songs? This might be a shocker, but even Adam's song was just okay for me (do I sound like one of the judges or what?) I did like Kris' song.
Anyone watching the Housewives of NYC? I love Bethenny. She's a riot.

She's even on Twitter and it's really fun to follow her. The impression she did of Kelly in last night's episode was spot-on. She also cracked me up when she was at the grocery store trying to push her products, "Would you like to try a cupcake? No? Oh, ok - good." You have to see it because, without the New York accent, it's not the same. And, I also love Jill - although I think she's really looking great this season. I wonder if she had some work done. I follow her on Twitter also.
I know it's only Wednesday, but we're supposed to have some great weather here in the Midwest on Friday and over the weekend. I hope to get out and use the Nikon.
Stay tuned!
Happy mid-week!

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