Monday, April 13, 2009

Operation Overload...

I maybe giving up my laptop shortly, so I started taking stock today of the "favorites" I have listed on my right-hand navigation bar...Bad idea. How is it possible, that I have 104 favorite blogs? And I continue to find more and more that are inspirational and oh-so crafty. I know it's crazy and I must stop before looking at my favorite blogs becomes an 8 hour gig.
Monday night - Another new episode of "Castle" with the dreamy Nathan Fillion:
But, as I looked at him, he reminded me of another heartbreaker from my teenage years:

And, as I looked at Jason Bateman, he reminded me of another dreamy newcomer:
It's like 6 degrees of separation - good-looking separation, that is. Can't wait to see what A.L. has in his bag of tricks this week.
Have a great Monday!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

hi there! i like to follow your blog b/c you have so many cute creative ideas and your photos are great.
that said, with 108 blogs, it sounds like you need to set up an rss reader! blogger has one embedded in the dashboard, or i'm sure google has one.
i haven't done it yet, b/c i enjoy going to the entire page, not just the updates, but you may want to consider it!