Sunday, April 5, 2009

Come Flea (Market) Away Part II

Are you wondering what I found at the flea market this weekend?
One thing that comes along with the thawing of spring is MUD! And there was lots of it. It was a beautiful day - about 50 degrees and sunny. Perfect for bargain hunting. Thank goodness for four-wheel drive!

And, incase you have doubts about how popular flea markets are in the Midwest, here is just a sampling of yesterday's crowd:
This was pretty cool. Would look great in a farm style kitchen - an old scale.

This old wheelchair reminded me of the one from the old Heidi movies - and also, if you're a fan of "Wicked", the one that belongs to Nessa Rose:

One thing that did surprise me is that, apparently, knock-off purses are a big find at the market. They were EVERYWHERE! And, I hear (and saw) that booths featuring knock-off designer sunglasses are on the rise too - Kind of made me feel like I was shopping on the corners of New York City. I didn't see any Rolex watches, though.

Neat booth displaying iron work - check out this tree with birdhouses:

Collection of waterpumps:

Cabinets galore!

I wish I had a spot for this:

Pretty detailed rocker:

And these were really cool - but I just couldn't part with the $5 A LETTER(!!!!!!) they were asking. Too steep for me!

Interesting dinette hutch:

Can't wait for next month!
ps- I did buy a few things, but they may end up in my next crafts, so I'll share then!

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