Friday, November 7, 2008

What's In Your Pantry?

Here is my pantry. It's another one of my favorite things about how the house was designed. It's so difficult when you are looking at a blueprint and a kitchen layout to think, "Yeah, there's enough cabinet space." or "No, we need more." Thank goodness for this pantry because my cabinets I use basically to store all my dishes, glassware and bakeware. The pantry stores all our food. Behold...

I know you must be thinking that we are alcoholics by the look of our third shelf up (everyone notices this) - but this is a result of having a party over the summer and also of having a bottle of every type of wine but no place to store it. Alas, the wine rack was left out of this kitchen design. The one problem with this is that the shelves are just a tiny bit too low to fit my kitchenaid mixmaster underneath and I am way too afraid to put it up on top (that thing weighs at least 1 ton if not 2!) But, I aggravates me because it has caused a few stubbed toes, and if you've ever kicked a mixmaster, you know you are lucky not to have a broken toe. Anyway - that's where I store my kitchen goodies and loot!
Have a great day!

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