Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our little Cricky

Here is my sweet girl. You guessed it, she's the one that this blog is named after. We've had her for about 5 years now and she was a SHELTER dog. Well, she wasn't ever actually at a shelter, but she belonged to a family that didn't have time for her. And she is the best. dog. ever! She loves to get up on your lap and snuggle and especially loves belly rubs. She is a big fan of honey nut cheerios, which is the only people treat that she gets. She also watches tv - no joke. Especially if there is something like Animal Planet - unfortunately, she defends her house against these tv animals - And she despises Flower and the Meerkat Manor family.

As we've seen countless times in our area papers, in these tough economic times, many people are forced to give up their pets. If you are considering adding a furry friend to you family, please go to a area shelter. Cricket (aka Cricky) thanks you with a lick and a wag and so will her other shelter friends.

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