Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy first day of summer - i mean NOVEMBER!

ok - so I know i was just complaining about it snowing the other day, but we've had 3 straight days of 70 degree weather in Illinois and it's NOVEMBER!  That's what's so funny about Chicago weather - it's either sweltering or it's 20 below zero - nothing happy in the middle.  Temps in the 70's does not make me want to fix a turkey or whip up a pumpkin pie.  It makes me wonder, "Which way is the pool?"

Anywho - it's election day.  Did you get out and vote?  I was actually going to go this morning and try to beat the crowds at 6 am - but the bed wouldn't let me go, I swear.  So, I went after work.  It really is a toss up - Obama?  McCain?  All is know is that whoever gets in there has four years to show us their stuff.  If they can't make good things happen, they're out.  Period.  I have to admit that I believe John McCain to be in ill health and the thought of that taking puppet Palin running the country makes me shiver.  But, I don't know if Obama is too big of a change for this country...I guess we'll see.

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