Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today I feel accomplished...well, sort of

It's 9:06 PM Central time and I am sitting down for the first time since this morning (ok, practically). This is what I did today:
-Left work at 4 PM to shop for work
-Went to Joann's and scored some 40% off window treatment hardware and discontinued fabric samples for $2 - YES!
-Went to Home Goods and bought a cute little round table for next to Carson's chair - pics later.
-Went to Hobby Lobby and got some trim to fix the window treatments in our bedroom that are not long enough - more on this later.
- Came home, took the doggies for a walk (of course)!
-Excitedly put the new Home Goods table into place.
-Rearrranged the rest of the furniture - which I get extra points for because Carson wasn't home.
-Hung (successfully) new window treatment hardware - fixing the treatments is on schedule for tomorrow.
-Doing today's blog post - now!
The only thing I don't feel accomplished about (this is the "sort of" part of the title) is that I am nearing the end of my 200 count bottle of prenatal vitamins. 200 pills down the hatch and no baby. It's not like it's ever out of my mind, but when you reach the end of ANOTHER bottle and don't have success conceiving, it's a little hard to deny failure. It's just not fun.
I'm ready to wind down and watch some "Glee." I recorded it on the DVR while I was working so I can watch it without commercials - love that part.
Thanks for reading.
Sleep tight everyone!


DonnaMundinger said...

Awww Sweetie, it'll come. You'll be an awesome Mom! In the meantime, WOW, you're accomplishing alot! Big hugs, D

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