Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Stuff Showcase and Painting

Finally - pictures of the goodies I found at Home Goods - This is on my foyer hutch to greet guests as they come through the front door.

The basket I got at Hobby Lobby in the clearance aisle and the drawer pulls came from there too -

My Home Goods table has found a spot - it is need of some glaze, but fits just right.
Notice the price tag is still on - just incase it didn't work. But, I like it.
This is the circa 1890 plant stand I bought at the Chicago Antique and Botanical Show. Disregard the lamp - I was just trying out the spot. It will get replaced as soon as I find something I like at Home Goods or Hobby Lobby has their lamps 50% off.

Ah, yes. The Master Bedroom. I think all dark paints should come with a disclaimer that says, "In theory, this is a great color for a room. It's dramatic and cozy. But in reality, unless you live in a glass house (a.k.a. - a house FULL of windows) and you want to ever be able to see your hand in front of your face, then painting your room, especially a bedroom with this color is not a good idea."
May I present Exhibit A?
This is not camera trickery, the walls were really this dark. Please excuse the naked bed...I had already prepared the room for painting and in less than 5 minutes from when this was taken, I had paintbrush in hand.
Like I said, great idea - Truth be told, I loved it when we first moved in. It matched my bedding and it looked cozy and rich. But, as time went by, it absorbed all the light that ever came into the bedroom.
Here is the after - not a great picture - but the results are perfect. I painted it a Benjamin Moore color called Dunmore Cream.
Now - onto the next project. I posted about hanging my window treatments - here's what they look like hung:
See how far they are off the floor?
Even Roscoe is noticing...
And he's NOT happy about it. Okay, okay! Budget fix on the way. I picked these up at T.J. Maxx for $12.99 and they will be the PERFECT addition to the bottom of the curtains. I'll post a pic when they're done!

And - wait 'til you see what I'm going to do with my bargain Jo-Ann Fabric Waverly samples...
Hope you are all enjoying the start to your week!

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DonnaMundinger said...

Love these home shots, Nat. What great finds for that neat basket. I never get any home projects done these days. We've been in our house 14 years (YIKES! has it really been that long?) and the only rooms that aren't white are the guest bedroom, 1st floor power room and the tiny hallway leading out the back. How EMBARRASSING! Hey, would love to chat or email NOT from work. xxD