Monday, October 1, 2012

33+ weeks...I think I can, I think I can!

I'm counting down the days until I hit 35 weeks...and that date is 10.11.12.  By then, the girls should be
about five pounds and I'm crossing my fingers that their lungs will be developed enough so that they don't have to spend much time (if any) in the NICU.  All of this reminds me of when my brother was born...I was only 6, so I really don't remember much detail about that time, but he was also born at 35 weeks.  And, he's pretty normal - from what I can tell, anyway!
I know it's best for the girls if I can hold out as long as possible, so I have been busying myself with small projects that help the days to pass.  This morning, I packed the my hospital bag.  Although, it's tough to plan what to pack because there are still plenty of things that are "unknown".
Things that still need to get done include putting together the 2nd bouncey seat and installing the carseats.
I have also been obsessing over newborn photos and what the girls will wear in their hospital photos.  This morning, I tried my hand at creating a onesie gown for the "going home" outfit.  Early on, I thought the idea of a special outfit for the day we bring the girls home was absolutely ridiculous.  I mean, really...who will see what they are wearing under the swaddling of the blankets they will inevitably be wrapped in?  However, it seems I've succumbed to the new mommy sickness of not being able to resist every cute baby item I lay my eyes on.  Pinterest and Etsy are not helping this.
So, I followed this super easy tutorial on the Banana Bear Blog and in a little more than an hour, I had this:

The tutorial is easy to follow if you have some basic sewing skills.  You hardly need more than a half yard of fabric, so it's a pretty inexpensive project compared to what you would pay for it already done.  I made a few changes to the project...I decided to skip the ribbon on the waist because I wasn't sure how it would look after it went through the wash.  The instructions also say to cut the onesie off where you sew the fabric on, but I decided to keep it intact.
And, the Amy Butler fabric obsession also continues...

Happy Monday!

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Nicki Mann said...

I have an acquaintance whose two children were both born at 35 weeks and at 5 pounds... they were each in the NICU for a few days, but after that, they were healthy as horses and EXTREMELY smart! Plus these kids had many other things stacked up against them... parents who constantly smoked and drank even during pregnancy, mostly just watching TV during toddlerhood, etc. And they turned out great. So I'm sure your babies will get over their first hurdle and be perfect!