Friday, October 5, 2012

Guess How Much WE Love You!

When I think about all the preparations that have gone into getting ready for the girls, it makes my mind spin.  Not that we will ever really be "ready," but it just to get the ball rolling took an act of God...literally.
And, there have been so many projects that have been handmade for them - and not just by me.  I will never be able to tell them how much they are loved.  Even before they arrived.
The most recent addition to the nursery was a toy/storage cubby that my dad built.  After he finished the ladder shelf, he started on the storage cubby.  I wasn't really sure where I would be putting it because when there are two cribs in a regular size bedroom, they take up the majority of the space.  But, as it turns out (and as I'm discovering) two babies require A LOT OF STUFF!  So, we cleared some room in the closet and since their tiny little clothes only hang down about a foot from the rod, we were able to scoot the cubby into the closet and use it for storage in there!

 It will be great for storing all sorts of things.  You can see that it's filling up fast, but the best thing is that it's just basically keep stuff out of the way and organized.  And, it also has adjustable shelves so that if I need more or less room, I can move the shelving accordingly!
Today, my goals are to finish the 2nd coming home onesie and work on the headbands for their pictures in the hospital.
Tomorrow, I will post another handmade project that is adorable!
Happy Friday!

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