Saturday, September 22, 2012

With Love, From Grandma (& Amy Butler)

Two weekends ago, I had another shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the girls.  There were about 30 people who attended the shower and I am still humbled by the generosity of all of our family and friends - especially in these hard economic times.
Of course, every new mom begins to realize that the necessities are just as important as the nice-ities.  Especially with two, if the buying guide says you will need 8-4oz bottles, that means 16 at the least (I'm factoring in that with two new babies, there will be little time to wash, so extras may be needed!)
But, then there are gifts that are given that have nothing to do with need, although they MAY serve a purpose.  They are a reflection of the love that is already waiting for the twins.  My mom spent many, many, many hours at the pedal of her sewing machine, working on this "project" - that's what she affectionately called it.

All the fabrics are designed by Amy Butler.  And, it was all hand cut, laid out, pieced, sew and even hand-quilted.

This is a closeup of one of the 9 squares that make the quilt.  Every single one is different.

We have pretty much everything that we need for the arrival of the twins.  And, I keep telling myself that the stores will be open after they get here - so if there's something we've missed, we can certainly go get it!
Yesterday, I did some final work on the nursery including putting up the monitors and making the pom-pom mobile - or what resembles a mobile.

The pom-poms are super easy to make and there are lots of tutorials online to follow.  I used the Command hooks by 3M for a removable way to affix them to the ceiling.  What you can't see is the mess of fishing line that is holding them all together.  Another thing to check off my list...which is a good thing, because I am pretty much immobile right now and have a feeling it won't be long until those little ones make their debut.
Happy weekend!

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