Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Project, Super Bowl Wrap-Up and An Earthquake!

Night before last, at 4 am, I was awoken by an earthquake. Yes, that's right - in Illinois! It measured 3.8 on the scale. It was really interesting because everyone thought it was something else - a train, a tree falling, a truck passing by. And, it lasted about 40 seconds for us.

Here are a few pics from what I served on Super Bowl Sunday! This server was a gift from Mom and Dad from Napa Style. I served pico de gallo, chex mix and veggie dip in it. It worked out perfectly! And, they have a lot of really cool stuff in their catalog.

Here are some close-up pics on what I am making right now. Can you guess what it is? I will put it up as soon as it's finished - complete with a list of products.


DonnaMundinger said...

Well that must have been a surprise! Isn't it a wierd feeling? And BTW, how come I wasn't invited to the party? :D Looks yummy and I love Michael Chiarrelo's stuff. Can't wait to see your project. xxD

xinex said...

Food looks yummy and great presentation. Glad the earthquake did not do any damage....Christine

Lizzy said...

Looks yummy and I love the servers.
I haven't a clue what you are making, I'm Hoping the Gypsy printer tray!

Lizzy said...

well??? What is it?