Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to All of You!

Hi there! Today is a day to celebrate love, just in general. For friends, for family, and for spouses.
When I was at CHA a few weeks ago, I came home to a very nice surprise. My husband, well aware of my love for crafts, made me a little book to tell me what he missed about me each day I was gone. And, to make up for his lack of artistic ability (so he says), he taped a Snickers mini to each page. So funny.
So, for Valentine's Day, I made him a simple little book from 3 x 5 plain index cards and the Pink Paislee Valentine's line. In it, I wrote about my favorite memories of the past 7 years (how long we've been married) and I also included pictures and different thoughts, movie quotes about love and some funny "coupons" (like making a batch of cookies with no complaining!). Yes, it's kinda sappy, but he liked it and that's all that matters.
And, I was amazed I could keep it a secret for almost 24 hours - that's gotta be a record!

I also used some Tim Holtz embellishments and a Martha Stewart punch for the bottoms of the coupons. I love those punches!
Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!


DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Nat, this is just so sweet and romantic! and how adorable he made you a book while you were gone. I was lucky to get a dishwasher filled with clean dishes. LOL No really, I wouldn't trade my guy in either! Happy V-Day! Have a sweet one! xxD

Lizzy said...

How sweet of him, yep he is a keeper for sure! I love the mini you made so cute and personable.
Yep, I'm like Donna I came home from Cha to a very clean house and two safe doggies(our yorkies) I was HAPPY!