Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Countdown to CHA! (and some other stuff!)

T minus 2 days until lift off! I can't wait to go to CHA. On Thursday, we are going to help My Pink Stamper, Robyn, set up her booth. Friday and Saturday, we are going to be helping Robyn do her make-n-take (which I LOVE doing because you learn so many things from crafting with other people - especially consumers who buy our products) and we will be meeting and greeting people. So, if you live in the Anaheim area, come and check it out! We'd love to see you! Robyn even will be demoing on the Provo Craft stage and I hear they (PC) are going to making a big announcement about a new product.

In other news, Idol returns tonight with more auditions, and so does another of my guilty little pleasures, Millionaire Matchmaker, which airs on BRAVO. Love, love, love this show. I don't know what it is about us that we find other people's lives so entertaining (i.e. reality tv).
I forced CB to watch the Golden Globes with me the other night. I was pulling for "True Blood" - that Jason Stackhouse is a looker! And, he's got an Australian accent (melting...)
Two women were absolutely stunning:
Uh, can you say confidence?
And, Jennifer Garner was just so pretty:
But, I have to admit, I'm suffering from "Glee" withdrawal. Anyone else? And, with them winning The Globe for comedy/musical series, it was just a tease more than I could handle. With all that dancing and singing, Matthew Morrison is oh so dreamy:
If you haven't watched, and you're a musical (or heck, just plain music) fan, it's a must see. A little quirky at first, but once you get invested in the characters, it's great. The actress that plays Sue, the gym teacher/cheerleader advisor is a stitch-and-a-half. You have to watch to understand.
Here's a little peek incase you're wondering what all the fuss is about. (Keep singing and spinning Mr. Shue - what a hunk!)

Hope you are all having a great week!

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