Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blah blogging

I feel uninspired...right now atleast. Maybe I am saving up for the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show in CA. We leave next Thursday and I am excited to see/meet my crafting heros (Heidi Swapp, Donna Downey, Tim Holtz, Claudine Hellmuth...too many more to name. We will be looking for cool product and I hear that Tattered Angels has some super cool stuff.

And, I just have to say:
1) I am so tired of seeing ads for "The Lovely Bones." I read it. I didn't like it. It was a depressing story about a little girl's murder. It is morbid and way over-advertised.

2) Loving "Idol", but how come so many people are missing their shoes after their audition? They are literally running the streets in bare feet. To me, that's just gross. Tonight, Mary J. cracked me up. I could never tell if she like the audition or not. Funny.


Lizzy said...

I'm so happy you visited me, I didn't know you had a blog and it looks like many others don't, spread the word!

Linda L said...

You silly girl. I just watched your video of you being covered with the packages. It made me LOL! I am looking forward to the party Friday night. You and Robyn in the same room, that should be something! Have a great time.