Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring has sprung...kind of.

Here in Illinois, it is 68 degrees today. You may be thinking..."Spring is here!" I know I am. But, hold your horses...the forecast for tomorrow and Sunday is 40 and rainy. Why is it that the best days are always those when you are stuck inside...working?

We are trying to plan a spring/summer vacation and boy, if you've got the money to spend right now, resorts are offering a heck of a deal. I've been poking around all inclusive resorts like Sandals and Club Med. 50% off TOTAL vacation packages. Folks - get them while they're hot. But, along with the warm destination is also another item dreaded by almost all American women...
Yep- shopping for a bathing suit. Subjected to the unkind mirrors and lighting of dressing rooms around the country, we shell out about $100 for torture. And, being that I'm not completely 100% back to normal yet, this should be fun (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm.)
Switching gears, warmer weather also makes me think of outside activities - like gardening. I saw this idea in Martha Stewart's "Living" this month:
There's nothing better than a homegrown or garden tomato. But, seeing as our gargantuan septic field leaves virtually no room for a garden, I might just try my hand at this.
I've been working on some craft projects lately to try and preoccupy myself. I'll share as soon as they're finished.
Hope you are enjoying some warm weather where you are!

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