Friday, March 20, 2009

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Isn't it funny how attraction works? For example, this guy has been my #1 for quite a while. May I introduce, Brad Paisley...

And, I tend to be drawn to the darker featured guys. But, a new candidate has entered the race. May I introduce, American Idol and Wicked Star, Adam Lambert (and yes, this is him...)

My question is: How can I think that both these guys are totally hot? I mean, one takes the stage like a broadway star with "Wicked" awesome singing skills (ha! did you see what I did there? You see, Adam was in Wic...oh, never mind), has ever changing hair color, wears lots and lots of "guyliner" and is probably gay (FIGURES!!!). The other sings country music about guns, drinking beer and fishing, usually has a four o'clock shadow, and is never seen without a dogtag around his neck all while demonstrating the best guitar playing I have ever seen or heard. And, in person, he is 100 times better.
It's just funny how we are attracted to people who are EXACT opposites. Maybe it's the singing/musician thing.

This is a random thought, but it's Friday and I'm allowed. There are many blogs I follow (it's a wonder I have time for anything else). It's the human interest stories that get me everytime. This blog, Kelly's Korner, is one that tells a story of a couple that had fertility problems, finally conceived and just as they were about to celebrate the joyous birth of their daughter, discovered a major issue. But, their faith in God and the countless prayers of blog readers, family and friends provided a miracle. Here's Kelly's post from today, which I thought was great. She's leaving the working world for a way better gig - being a full-time mom.

Get out and enjoy the weekend. Spring is upon us!

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