Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Newest Guilty Pleasure

My newest guilty pleasure and something I absolutely do not miss is ABC's "Pushing Daisies." Love, love, love this show! Anyone?

If you haven't seen it, it's a must! My husband won't watch it with me because he's kinda weird about death as a subject and he says the show is way to girlie for him. That's why I love it. It's very whimsy and fairytale-ish the ways it's structured and narrated.
If you've missed it, I will catch you up (and by the way, at the beginning of each show, they do a small re-cap so it's easy to jump in if you've missed; you can also watch the episodes online at Here goes - Ned, who affectionately is called, "The Pie Maker," is the main character. As a young child, he discovered he had the power to bring dead things back to life (I know, a little morbid, but hang with me.) He discovered this power when his beloved dog, Digby, was hit by a car but with Ned's touch, came back to life. However, there are a couple of catches to this power; 1. First touch - alive, Second touch - dead, forever. 2. If Ned brings someone back to life, someone else must die in their place.

A private detective, played by Chi McBride, gets wind of Ned's power and teams up with "The Pie Maker" to solve murders - They visit the morgue after the victim passes and try to use those clues to investigate the crime. So that's basically the premise.

There are really neat co-stars and characters. I love the cast - especially Kristin Chenoweth who plays "Olive" and was made famous for her many Broadway roles - most recently Glinda in "Wicked." Ned's love interest, Charlotte Charles, aka "Chuck," is a great little actress, Anna Friel. Swoosie Kurtz and the lady that played "Audrey" in "The Little Shop of Horrors," are fabulous additions as "Chuck's" aunts. And, there are many ever-changing cast members that have included Joel McHale, from E's "The Soup", and Paul Reubens, from Pee-Wee Herman fame.

The stories are creative and are full of little coincidences and twists and turns. I would hate to see a great show like this go away for lack of viewers - It airs (for us in the Midwest) on Wednesday nights at 7 PM - Happy watching!

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