Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Hi all! I am certainly new to this blogging thing...but, I'm gonna give it a try. Allow myself to introduce...myself. The name of my blog - Cricky's Corner, comes from Cricket, my little doggie. She is the sweetest and most fab-u-lous dog ever. And, she makes me happy, which is what I am hoping to do to my blog readers - make them happy.

I am a small midwest town girl. I don't have really anything exciting in my life, but that's okay with me. I grew up in a small town. We had one stoplight when I moved there. My high school graduating class was less than 100 people. Things have changed a bit - thanks to the ever-growing population - things just continue to move West.

I am married (for 5 and 1/2 years) to Carson. He and I met at a Halloween party. We had mutual friends that thought we would be the perfect match and, it turned out, we were. I have done more and seen more than I ever thought I would because of him. We've been to Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, San Clemente, Vail, Maui and all kinds of other local places.

I love to cook and craft. I usually make atleast one type of Christmas gift a year. This years was stationary sets. I also made a really cool photo ornament using transparencies and clear ball ornaments. Again, things that make other people happy.

I love animals. I could never work at one of those rescue shelters because I would end up being one of those hoarder people. We have two doggies already (and a den full of coyotes in the back yard!) My cousin and I have a running joke that if there is a lost animal in a radius of 25 miles, it will find me. This is because I've picked up so many strays. I just can't wrap my brain around people not caring for their pets - especially when they live next door to a 4 lane highway. DUH!

I like to visit the gym. It keeps me sane. I do compete in triathlons - Although it's more of a goal than a competition.

So, for this small town girl, hopefully, I will continue to do and see things I never thought possible. Since I turned 30 in December, I am setting some real goals for 2008 - This (blogging) is one - but I'd like to get some books published. I have all these cool ideas running around in my head and I want to share them.

I have another one for this year, but I'm keeping it a secret. Stay tuned....

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