Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Charmed, I'm Sure"

Two years ago, I went to the flea market looking for a dress form. I found a really great one and I purchased her. I used her as a display piece for my first booth in the Emerson Creek Fall Fest.
Then, she went to live at the Emerson Creek shop for the year. Happily, she donned the latest fashions in scarves and head accessories. When the shop closed, she came back to live with me and nestled into her spot in my craft room. Little did she know, I was planning an off-season comeback.
I have a new hobby. Well, it's a hobby right now. But, I'm hoping that it's the beginning of a little business (and so does my husband since the amount of money I've spent on product could be a car payment...).
Also, I really don't have enough on my plate already (insert sarcastic rolling of the eyes here...)
The title of this post is one of the names I've been kicking around for the business. Although I don't want to be creatively limited by what I choose for a name.
Without further ado, may I introduce Mae (although headless, I feel like I should name her at this point) showcasing one of my first creations:
It is a personalized charm necklace. I don't really like the word, "charm" so much. But, I don't know what else to call what's hanging from the mini ball chain.
I actually made this as a gift for someone. The two-toned disc is her monogram (CPM) and then each small disc is the first initial of all her children. I also handmade the mini jeweled pendants that are dangling from the chain. I love the fact it can be worn with either silver or gold.

The best thing about it though, is that I love to make them. I am so satisfied by the fact that someone will wear this around their neck and close to their heart, not only because the nature of it, but also what it symbolizes. It's something very personal and that makes me happy.
Have a great Wednesday!

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Margaret said...

These are beautiful! I can't wait to order one!