Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been missing in action. Work has been taking over my life lately, but hopefully by 4th of July, I will be done! And then I can resume my normally scheduled programming (I mean, blogging!)
While I have been away, Carol over at The Answer Is Chocolate gave me a Trendy Blogger award. You can see her post here and all the other great bloggers she highlighted. I am so honored, but I am fairly new to the technical part of blogging. I know I am probably supposed to post the graphic, so I hope this works:

In my next post, I will highlight my Trendy blog picks so that I am playing by the rules of "paying it forward."
Have a great Tuesday evening!

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DonnaMundinger said...

Best of luck with the work project, chickie! Bet you can't wait 'til it's done! xxD