Tuesday, July 30, 2013

House Of Cards

Wow...a long time has passed since my last post.  That is a result of being a mom of twins.  Once upon a time, I was a lady of leisure.  I had a ton of time - I can't tell you what I did with all that extra time.  How things change...
In the last couple of weeks, I have found some time to get creative.  Some friends of ours have welcomed their first baby.  I remember in the weeks after the girls were born, the mountain of gifts that arrived at our door seemed endless.  And, I also remember the seemingly insurmountable task of writing all those deserved thank you notes.  Half that battle was buying the thank you's - yep, that's right.  When you are three weeks out from having a baby (or babies) and you are running on 3-4 hours sleep, BUYING cards is not out of the question.  My mom made some thank you's for me and I did make a trip to Target to buy some.  Anyway, the point of the story was that I made a group of thank you's for our friend - postage stamps included.  I feel like I've made enough greetings to create a house of cards!  Hopefully this will help her with the task.
The cardstock is from Paper Source and the papers are a mixed bag of the 6x6 pads I had in my collection:

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!  Until next time - 

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