Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Time

You'd think that the first week of June would bring a weather pattern that is somewhat so in Illinois. Yesterday, it was a beautiful and sunny 72. Today, the forecast is for the upper 80's! In anticipation of the sweltering heat, I hopped out of bed, got my workout out of the way (otherwise I'm sure it would be trumped by a nap later in the day) and slid my hands straight into my gardening gloves.
This is my first year for a garden. We have a septic field that runs across our entire backyard and it makes it tough to plant anything. However, I had a little help from my friends who suggested and and put in an above ground garden. It's basically a wood frame filled with dirt that I can plant in without digging holes in our yard. Day before yesterday, I made a trip to a local nursery and scored big with ORGANIC veggies...atleast that's what they say on the label. I can't wait until I can reap the benefits of my new garden.
Secondly, I have a bit of an addiction. And, it comes in the form of Papertrey Ink products and stamps. I am in love with the stamps they are creating with the matching dies! Simply genius! And, their design team (follow this link to Nichole Heady's blog) makes me want to buy every stamp set - I know that's the point, but it is certainly the root of the problem!

Have a great weekend! TGIF!

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