Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yep, it's time

I have to admit, I have enjoyed the fact that it is really still staying dark until about 7-ish. I can sleep in and roll out of bed anywhere between 7 and 7:30. That is, until tomorrow. Ah yes. At 5:15 tomorrow morning, sadly I will be letting the rubber hit the road - or the rubber soles of my running shoes hit the paved surface of the path. Boo! Hiss! That is 2 HOURS earlier than I have been getting up. I have been really trying to cherish it since I hear once kids come into the picture, sleeping in is non-existent.
I guess it was bound to happen. Do you think it's too late for the run to make any improvement on my figure? I'm leaving for Florida next Friday.
CB and I are heading to Naples with my cousin and her husband for a little R&R - spring break style. Granted, it's not the spring break of our 20's - but it will still be great to hang out by the pool and get some sun.
Then, when we come back, I will be entering nutritional hell. I was talked into doing a detox...and I'm regretting it already. No sugar, no caffeine, no bread, no pasta, no alcohol - so really, NO FUN!
I'm hoping it will help with some digestive issues that I have. What do I have to loose? Maybe a few pounds if I get lucky.
And, tonight was my first night back at yoga. I feel relaxed. This is an attempt to manage my work stress.
Hope you are having a good week!
Tomorrow's Friday!

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DonnaMundinger said...

It better not be too late, Nat. I need to get right in there with you. Tried on some shorts yesterday and YIKES! Actully sounds like the eating plan I need to get back to myself. Maybe we can be nutritional (hate the word diet) buddies and cheer each other on. Best of luck! xxD