Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Ocean Experience

Hi All-
Back from Florida and had a wonderful time. I've been to places by the ocean a number of times...but this time was different. On the last morning, we decided to go for a walk on the beach. It was just after 8 when we started. The waves were crashing and surging against the sand. I love walking just where the water is lapping the sand and it pulls it right from under your feet.

We had walked only a few minutes when we saw something poking up from the surf. A fin - and then another. It was a school of dolphins and they were only about 30 feet from the beach. They must have following a school of fish, because these tiny, white fish were leaping out of the water - trying to escape their impending doom.

The dolphins continued to follow us down the beach and we watched them the whole time. It was so relaxing and beautiful. On the way back, the same dolphins had turned and headed back in the same direction we were going. There was one dolphin that had caught a fish and was playing with it - throwing it into the ocean and then catching it again. It was amazing how dog-like these animals appear.

Very cool.

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